Saturday, July 31, 2004

Rising from my sick bed

Blame my blogging-hiatus on the sinus infection that has afflicted me for the past 3 weeks. The 2 week course of antibiotics helped but I have essentially been bed-bound, congested, groggy and generally out of sorts. Of course, my difficulties with pills didn't make this an easy time...Unable or unwilling to read, watch tv or surf the web, I was lucky to have a lot of food and drinks in the house to keep me going. As far as the workfront goes, thankfully our office was closed this past week due to the Democratic National Convention - of which I only caught maybe 10 minutes a day such was my headache - and so it was the 'work at home' routine.

Anyway hopefully I'm over this... I have lots to say and have gotten lots of feedback about my blogging debut... There'll be more toli on culture, technology and the like..

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