Sunday, September 25, 2022

Uncharted Territory

Terre vierge, untapped
Primordial earth, unmapped
The torrid zone, the pioneer
The outer reaches, the frontier
Stake your claim, the explorer
A sensory experience, keep going past the border

The original peoples, appropriation
An untitled landscape, despoliation
Representative portrait, subversion
Features characteristic, expansion
And retrospectively, a civilizing mission
Behold the black gold, thank God for misdirection

Consolidation, treaties
Subjugation, minorities
Erasure, invisibility
Insatiable appetites, inequality
Bureaucracy, administered territories
Self-professed destination: uncharted territory

map of the gold coast 1729

Uncharted Territory

A soundtrack for this note. (spotify version) Don't call it pilgrim's progress, for it's a trail of tears.

les possesion de la france dans le monde - 1938

Timing is everything
Observers are worried

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Writing log: May 2, 2021

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