Thursday, March 24, 2005

Wistful Zingers

I'm weighing whether to spend several hundred dollars with a hard drive recovery service to retrieve some crucial data from my failed hard drive. The lowest quote I've received is $400 and the typical quote is between $800 and $1,500 - who knew these things were so expensive? And all this for a 40GB drive that cost $100 back in 2000? Does anyone have any pointers to cheaper solutions?

I may well need to go for this if I'm unable to locate my backups; the irony is that all I need is about a cd's worth of data from one directory of this drive. This could well turn out to be the most expensive cd in history if my archival search is fruitless. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I won't need to tighten my fiscal belt.

In any case, herewith are this month's nuggets for the Toli Scrapbook. This time we have wistful zingers on the theme of war and a sense of ineffable waste - a sense which is certainly applicable to my current mood...

"And as I was going, I was just thinking how the war have spoiled my town Dukana, uselessed many people, killed many others, killed my mama and my wife, Agnes, my beautiful young wife with J.J.C and now it have made me like porson wey get leprosy because I have no town again.

And I was thinking how I was prouding before to go to soza and call myself Sozaboy. But now if anybody say anything about war or even fight, I will just run and run and run and run and run. Believe me yours sincerely"

Ken Saro-Wiwa - Sozaboy A novel in Rotten English. 1985

We were the leopards, the lions. Those who will take our place will be jackals, hyenas. And all of us - leopards, lions, jackals and sheep - we'll go on thinking ourselves the salt of the earth.

Delivered with gravitas by Burt Lancaster as Prince Salina in Visonti's Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) (1963)

Aureliano doesn't understand "how people arrived at the extreme of waging war over things that could not be touched with the hand". He is like Gary Cooper or Humphrey Bogart, unmoved by abstractions but provoked by cruelty, by the sight of victimization. This is the way that American isolation, another long solitude, ends in film after film.

Michael Wood ruminating on the lessons of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude

The things which happen to men
Happen also to God;
But being of his own making
He can cope with them

Kwesi Brew - Flower and Blood African Panorama and Other Poems. 1981.

"And anyway, what do you mean by 'historical'?"
"Well, it's like this war that's coming... "
"What war?" said the Prime Minister sharply. "No one has said anything to me about a war. I really think I should have been told. I'll be damned," he said defiantly, "if they shall have a war withought consulting me. What's a Cabinet for, if there's not more mutual confidence than that. What do they want a war for, anyway?"
"That's the whole point. No one talks about it, and no-one wants it. No one talks about it because no-one wants it. They're all afraid to breathe a word about it"
"Well, hang it all, if no one wants it, who's going to make them have it?"
"Wars don't start nowadays because people want them. We long for peace, and fill our newspapers with conferences about disarmament and arbitration, but there is a radical instability in our whole world-order, and soon we shall all be walking into the jaws of destruction again, protesting our pacific intentions."
"Well, you seem to know all about it," said Mr. Outrage, "and I think should have been told sooner."

A prescient Evelyn Waugh - Vile Bodies 1930.

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Ghanafilter said...

Hello from another Ghanaian who's met you once before...a long time ago...

Ghanafilter said...

oh it's me blog's at

Anonymous said...

this is not about your toli,
i've just spent almost two days going through your pictures,a nd what a trip it's been. So many old friends and acquintances i haven't seen in over 20yrs! Are you a former G.I.S student? Thanks for the memories. I even found sierra-leonean, nigeran and south african friends. Always good to document, love to Abena, yeah i know her too!

Anonymous said...

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