Friday, March 11, 2005


(a portrait of Miles Davis)

Mission: Music, Masculinity.
Master Of The Art, Music.
Who Is This Music
That Which Description May Never Justify?
Can The Ocean Be Described?
Fathomless Music,
Body Of All That Is.
Live Everlastingly.
Man Initiate Inamorata:
Your Music Art Tomorrow's Unknown Known Life.
I Love Tomorrow.

by Robert Conrad
From Miles Davis - Live-Evil (1970)

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Anonymous said...

My dear Koranteng:

A wave back, belatedly. I cannot forget you sitting in our studio and thinking out loud with such strong, serene presence. Thank you. I am in correspondence with Calestous, and full of visions of Open Source, the radio show, in Africa.

Next item: Monday night we will do an hour on your late friend Miles Davis. The occasion is the release of a marvellous video of his appearance at the Isle of Wight in 1969; also the 50th anniversary of an important appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival. I think I want to frame the conversation as "How to listen to Miles Davis... and Why?" or perhaps as: "Early Miles... Late Miles... and MILES!" George Wein of the Newport festivals will be with us in studio, and doubtless some key musicians on the phone. Do you want to guide me here? Can we hear your good voice on this show? Or on our website:

Do write me back if you can at my home address:

And let's find a coffee one way or another.

With all good wishes,

Chris Lydon