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Liminal - subsurface unseen
Mythical - the great longing
Society - a garden in eternal need of tending
Tacit - the ellipses will be filled in
Understated - a strategy for quiet revolutions
Knowledge - I have heard and kept it
Retention - safekeeping in the depths of experience
Wisdom - the distillation of lived experience
Concealment - masks of civility
Revelation - truth telling to friendly eyes
Evasion - favored survival tactic
Deception - affinity bias for misdirection
Liberation - a confident awakening
Tolerance - elevating the least of us
Respect - between tradition and modernity

Liminal - in plain sight, but underneath
Pride - the temptations of inequality
Nationalism - favored refuge of rogues
Darkness - normalcy in the torrid zone
Anarchy - the indiscretions of gremlins
Parasites - nature's tax collectors on complexity
Grief - the eclipse of the soul
Comfort - the music of a smile
Greed - a combination missionary-hunting expedition
Rage - a flirtation with an unwieldy and fatal attraction
Nostalgia - an irresistible, high-functioning affliction
Love - even unrequited, a welcome seduction
Courage - an instinct that disdains denial
Freedom - journey on the road less traveled
Wist - the hope for paradise past
Shame - memories of the voiceless past

Liminal - the quiet revolution before it's seen
House - the comfort suite of material shelter
Home - return of the internally displaced
Sensual - the taste of tomorrow's promise
Emotion - the trials of feelings in upheaval
Ecstasy - inhibitions temporarily discarded
Kiss - to dissolve in another
Desire - a present of no restrictions
Lust - the body's ache for a touch
Solace - finding home in an embrace
Resolution - restraint from a shadow's burden
Clarity - the soul's agenda unraveled
Dignity - the soul's liberation
Absurdity - the theater of modernity
Joy - to eat a pineapple in the gardens of Aburi
Interplay - the cement of society

Liminal - the undercurrents of a dream
Absence - a temporary inconvenience
Presence - a permanent imposition
Opacity - a belief in the weakness of exposure
Transparency - a belief in the strength in sharing
Restraint - unrecognized prescience
Impulse - preempted prescience
Displacement - a season of migration
Exile - the fraught journey to the land of concern
Comprehension - beholding the contours of daily mysteries
Education - the impulse for discovery and sharing
Remembering - summoning, as if from a dream
Forgetting - misplacing in a dreamscape
Alienation - the spirit's rhythm of loss
Whimsy - the joy of small things
Mystical - the pieces of a dream

Liminal - underlying condition
Mandate - the determination to bear witness
Principle - social living is the best
Constraint - the necessity of permanent outrage
Perception - the gaze of the modern traveler
Observation - the compulsion for storytelling

Liminal - subsurface unseen



Mate Masie, the Adinkra symbol from the Akan saying about knowledge, wisdom and prudence, "Nyansa bon mu ne mate masie", literally rendered in English as "I have heard and kept it". The saying emphasizes the Akan love of learning and understanding of the world. There are many different variations of this symbol. Conventional readings focus on the comprehension, acquisition and retention aspects, but there are other takes that focus on disclosure, opacity and revelation. The tension that exists between concealment and evasion on the one hand and revelation and transparency on the other. As a child of the web, I favor sharing but wear my own mask, and am happy to navigate the torrid zone in a liminal mode, subsurface unseen. Such is my asylum.

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A liminal playlist as befits pieces of a dream. Subsurface unseen is how this toli monger moves. (spotify version) See also Hypertext Dreams

Timing is everything
Observers are worried

I nominate this internal displacement for the Things Fall Apart series under the banner of Social Living.

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Writing log: March 28, 2021

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