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The Conqueror's Catechism (Part 4 An Iron Fist)

Disciplinary matters... Part 4 of The Conqueror's Catechism (see previously)

IV. An Iron Fist

As a matter of course, the ruler's rules always include looting
Backed by the overt threat of disembowelment, or simply shooting
The conqueror is said to govern with an iron fist
The implication is the perpetual cease and desist
A guiding principle and an early lesson learned
If you dare cross the founder, prepare for heartburn
Local funeral parlors have become a growing concern
Constantly busy, to dust you shall surely return

If you serve at their pleasure, conquerors can be quite affable
In person, by all accounts, most dictators are quite unremarkable
But give them an audience, give the man a microphone and he's gone
The same skinny man quietly sitting in the room can be transformed
He may love the performance but a leopard cannot change its spots
This family man will make you pay the price to show you who's boss
He'll be quite unafraid to impose an exacting reign of terror
To overcome with effort is the dictionary definition of conquer

To be governed by gremlins is no fun thing
So unpredictable are these beasts' whims
No matter how pragmatic you are,
   it's hard to keep up with their latest fashion
Quite understandably, there's no remedy yet invented
   for their lack of compassion
Nuance is not needed,
   and not to put a fine point on the situation,
Occasionally, you might face what amounts to
   functional defenestration
Dangling, face down, from the balcony,
   it's hard to disagree with their directives
Indeed the heavy hand of the conqueror
   engenders a forced change of perspective

There will be blood, that too is an occupational hazard
A periodic ritual cleansing, and the occasional massacre
All bloodthirsty patriarchs are well practiced merchants of tragedy
To remain at the controls, atop the commanding heights of the economy
To seize power, you break a few eggs to get the party started
Conquest is for the brave and not for the fainthearted
"All die be die", strategic killing has its uses, I guess
When cruelty is the point, its spectacle needs to be witnessed

Franco et le T.P. OK Jazz sing for Mobutu

Conqueror's Catechism, a playist

A soundtrack for this note bookended by the cool ruler himself and heavy on the reggae angle of things. (spotify version)

The Conqueror's Catechism

A few articles of faith
  1. To Loot Without End
  2. Droit de Seigneur
  3. The Dictator Dictates
  4. An Iron Fist
  5. The Ruler's Rules
  6. The Heavy Mantle
This piece went beyond a haiku to become positively Talmudic in scope, hence I'll split it and dispense over the next week. Or you can wait for the book...

I nominate this internal displacement for the Things Fall Apart series under the banner of Fallen Angels.

Next in Part 5: The Ruler's Rules

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Writing log: Concept: May 1, 2006; April 4, 2021

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