Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Structural Adjustments

An early lesson learned in matters of accounting
Is of a balance sheet in the affairs of man
Revolutionary justice tips the scale, leaving borrowers overextended
The heart is prone to default on all those payments due
And so be wary of blank checks made out to an exiled soul

Broken hearts heal in the embrace of experience
Resist nostalgia and all its seductive comfort
But hold on to the clarity of your convictions
To finance the trade deficit of unanswered questions
For indeed wist is the favourite currency of love.

Above all, in all things, remember this:
Flesh and blood are not inconveniences
To think otherwise is to surely forfeit one's spirit
We can afford the taxes due on dividends in kind
For love is the defined benefit of soul insurance.


Extracted from its original context of double trouble for a dearly departed man, I'm happy for this note to stand alone.

See also: The Wages of Thermidor

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